rkt-logoI created this demo to see what I will run into when I decide I want to turn my Chromebook into a development machine (mainly javascript), which also works while offline. A complete write up is in the making of why I would want to do this on a Chromebook, this post is just to demonstrate that it actually works.

Setup: Get your Chromebook in developer mode (warning this will destroy all current local data) and setup a minimal crouton CLI environment. Download rkt and install it in the crouton environment (either by downloading within chrome or using wget commandline in crouton).

This demo is based on a Docker image, which is published on the Docker hub. The rkt container engine is able to convert an imported Docker image on the fly and creates the ACI image manifest file.

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lockThe ssl certificate for this domain ran out last month and today I finally got round to upgrading this machine and install a let’s encrypt certificate on it. All in all it was 45 minutes, with some Googling for some errors, mainly to do with Python. I already tested let’s encrypt on a pristine Debian machine last month, so I knew it should work on this one as soon as I got it upgraded to Jessie.

Next things on my list is playing with the Docker 1.9 networking feature and comparing it to the way things are handled in CoreOS and project Calico. Also¬† hope to have some time going through the “Using Docker” book by Adrian Mouat and “Introducing Go” by Caleb Doxsey. The latter I started with over the weekend and it was a breeze flying through the book, at this pace I should have it finished by the end of this month (and completing the exercises in the book).

And for my next project I’ll be running this blog on Hugo, transfering the old posts. Hugo is a static site generator, something I was already interested in running, but never found the time. This was of course triggered by me visiting a session of Software Circus (hosted at Container Solutions) and listing to Dwight Gunning give his talk on static sites. He also mentioned that even though you generate a static site you can have a lot of interactions with your visitors by using client side java script and hosted platforms for forum, feedback, twitter and whatever you like (even payment).

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docker-logo-loggedinBecause I recently started playing around with Meteor.js I ran into getting my laptop setup (again) as a development machine. I’m also the proud owner leaser of some Digital Ocean virtual real-estate, but for a platform I’m experimenting with I need the platform to be closer to home. When my app is production ready, I would like for it to be easy deployable. With this in mind I started thinking about Docker, which I find cool, but had no use-case for up to now. What if I were to run a local Docker implementation for development, once I’m ready for the release I deploy it to a Docker implementation in the Digital Ocean? Continue reading


It’s been a bit of a slow month experimenting with new technology, I started a new job which has had an impact on my other activities (including this blog). Two weeks back however I started playing around with Meteor, a javascript framework which uses MongoDB as it’s data backend. The goal of the framework is to programm client and server-side much more in sync, even allowing code to be executed, regardless if it’s the client or the server. Continue reading

Recently I’ve started blogging in Dutch about the Raspberry Pi and other development boards (link). Currently it’s hard to find Dutch content on the Raspberry Pi, either it’s there, but not very easy to find or just not there. As I’m writing the blog the content gets it’s Alpha testing by my two daughters, where the oldest of the two tests without my help and reports shortcomings in text or content. The younger of the two gets more support from me, because it’s very hard writing a page which is engaging and simple enough, but not to simple or to easy to keep her interested. Continue reading

A few months back I purchased a Chromebook, the Acer C720P (see My First Chromebook). So far I’ve been running the Chromebook with Chrome OS and a small command-line only crouton Debian linux install as my main goto laptop. Last month I even took it with me on a three week holiday, in favor of my normal laptop. Continue reading

Ever wondered if you could learn to design these slick commercial looking websites yourself, without becoming a total design geek? Well I have and to be honest, what I created in a weekend session is not comparable to these slick commercial sites. But it’s still fun to get as close as I can, with the amount of effort I’m willing to invest. My investment went as far as to read a book and try out some example’s and publishing the result as my personal website*. *now offline Continue reading